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Official Server Rules of Conduct and Guidelines


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  • Mark Bullard1

    I love the rules are more streamlined and we need rules. I would like some clarification on Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side. I only play on official PVE-C servers and I Do love to farm and build and collect as much as possible. Some of our builds are massive. I have so many resources on exiled lands I built a vault storage room with a 106 vaults. I’m assuming this is considered a massive construction or over-use of memory. Everything I build is in tier 3 and beautiful. I’m just needing a little more information before the 27th so I can try and fix any issues. Plus this may change the way I play the game or if it’ll even be fun if I can’t collect items anymore to this extent.


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