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Official Server Rules of Conduct and Guidelines



  • Mark Bullard1

    I love the rules are more streamlined and we need rules. I would like some clarification on Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side. I only play on official PVE-C servers and I Do love to farm and build and collect as much as possible. Some of our builds are massive. I have so many resources on exiled lands I built a vault storage room with a 106 vaults. I’m assuming this is considered a massive construction or over-use of memory. Everything I build is in tier 3 and beautiful. I’m just needing a little more information before the 27th so I can try and fix any issues. Plus this may change the way I play the game or if it’ll even be fun if I can’t collect items anymore to this extent.

  • Barbieru M994

    Good ideas but it useless if someone isn't here to take some walks and flights at random on servers. The #3041 server is unplayable because of the ridiculous big buildings Across the map and on the #3051 is a guy on noob river that made an entire kingdom at that broken bridge. Anyone who start the game is dead on the spikes that don't load or because of the lag. And I'm seeing all of this in December. And please, don't tell me to submit a ticket because if I do, Zendesk will answer me after a month with the messenge " i hope the situation got fixed by itself". We are so happy that things are added, bugs are fixed...but in the end is the problem of the toxic builders that nobody want to fix.
    Thank you and keep making this game great. I never played a more beautiful and amazing survival game.

  • Luucassantos H

    With this rule that it's not clear how much is allowed and what, players are taking advantage of it to make a "war strategy" need to review their decisions and discriminate what you're forbidding


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